I put my trust in the Lord who has greatly blessed this journey that I am on and who has healed me of a serious intestinal disease.  I will continue to love Him and allow Him to bless my life. My heart is very grateful for all He has done and continues to do for me. This unfortunate reality I had to deal with made me a stronger woman as a result and forced me to have a new perspective on life. 

Carla's Crumby Creations LLC was born nine years ago but what I would consider launched three years ago. I began selling my healthy creations at the Williamsville Farmer's Market to those who simply loved sweets and to the health-conscious individuals, too. People began to not only return week-after-week to replenish their cookie supplies but they came back ranting about the delicious, delicate and intense flavors. 

When I was younger, I used to watch my mother bake. I loved how easy it was for her and how passionate she was about everything she prepared. I started to bake and cook with that same passion when I moved out on my own. 

As a result of my serious illness, I decided to make diet changes to help me feel better. I've read on the health benefits of organic extra virgin coconut oil and decided to create my own recipes for meals and baked goods with ingredients that are not processed. This is how my cookies came about, and thats when I became incorporated. 

The Williamsville Farmer's Market was my first public venture and made me realize that people really like my goods! As time went on, I created more cookie recipes along with cupcakes, breads and coconut macaroons. 

I truly believe that we should choose wisely the food that we consume everyday because it's important to fuel our bodies properly. But, everyone needs a sweet once in a while so why not a wholesome and healthy option so you feel better after eating it, too?!